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SBRT for Stage IV CRC / Liver / Oligometastasis / Peritoneum Carcinomatosis a potential cure... reason for optimism


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I am currently thriving with Stage IV CRC (Colon Rectal Cancer 3+ yrs) w/ a current CEA level of <.5.  

I most recently (sept. 22, 2021) completed my 3rd round of (5 SBRT Treatments each) for what is presently considered Oligometastasis / Stable Peritoneum Carcinomatosis.

I was looking for info concerning after effects from SBRT to determine if I'm experiencing normal side-effects (very minimal) but always concerning when worrying about the hopefully dying current cancer nodules or a return of new active cancer.

I'm possibly just looking to learn and share.  I understand that the use of SBRT to treat Peritoneum Carcinomatosis is relatively new... I am extremely healthy now due to the SBRT treatments which have kept my cancer at bay and hopefully will ultimately eliminate all active cancer... I remain extremely optimistic in spite of all odds!



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Welcome to our forum.  If I'm understanding you are presently in treatment for colorectal cancer and not lung cancer, correct?  Our specific purpose in Lungevity is to focus on patients, survivors and caregivers for LC patients.  We do this by sharing our experiences and learnings with others suffering this disease.  So, perhaps someone might share their experiences with SBRT, but we would hardly be in a position to provide some of the firsthand experience you may be looking for.  I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in 2010 and had surgical treatment (Stage I), so I can't provide any information, but there is a Colon Cancer Forum on Healthboards that can be found here.

I hope the SBRT works well for you.  It has for some in our community as well.


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