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Scans start tomorrow (2/28)


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It's what my husband has dubbed "A Bad Cancer Week." 

Last Friday: Pulmonary Function Tests 

Monday morning: PET 

Monday afternoon: Pulmonologist (to review function tests?)

Tuesday: MRI

Wednesday: Oncologist

We're looking to see if the teeny brain thing is indeed a thing, i.e., progression, and what, if anything, is happening with the nodules in the right lung. I'm just trying to breathe through the anxiety.  But, WOW. Inside this calm and cheery surface lies a jangled, weepy mess. They typically post results to MyChart the days the tests are read. I may have new news by Monday evening....

Cross your fingers for me. 


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Fingers and toes are crossed and prayers going up for you to do well on these tests.  Of comfort to me is the fact that I've heard about many great advances in diagnosing and treating brain mets.  Please keep us updated.


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Results of scans on 2/28: 

PET: Center of chest (site of initial tumor) stills shows activity, but is much smaller. Because the recent biopsies from a bronchoscopy were negative for cancer, they're assuming it's inflammation that's still resolving. There's also still a lot of pneumonitis scarring that may resolve.. 

MRI: Brain lesion has doubled in size since MRI on January 1. 

Met with the oncologist early this morning, but the MRI from late yesterday afternoon still hadn't been read. We all agreed that gamma knife would be the way to go if the brain hadn't reversed itself. 

I'd already set up a conversation with the radiologist for Friday, because she reads the images and not the reports. She's one of the gamma knife experts-- now I'm doubly glad I'd set up the appointment.

I speak with the oncologist again next Monday, after her consult with the tumor board. 

I feel much calmer, although that may be the effects of the lorazepam stall hanging on. 🤪 I am really tired, though, I imagine from the stress of it all. 

Nothing much to do now but wait. Now that we know what's up, I'm OK with that. I've also decided that is the oncologist wants to start on a TKI, I will get a second opinion. One of my mutations is rare enough that I don't want to just charge ahead without some really careful consideration. We shall see. 

Oh! The big thing was an exchange I had with the pulmonologist on Monday. I said, "Well, you know how it is-- lung cancer always wins." He looked really startled, then he said, "What stage were you at the start of your treatment?" I told him. He shook his head, "Oh, no, no, no, I wouldn't say that-- I would say that cure is still in the realm of possibilities." That was before the MRI, but I'm going to remember his certainty. 

Hope you all are doing well.



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So it is mixed results. 

You state you are meeting with a radiologist on Friday on GamaKnife. Did you mean radiation oncologist? That discipline administers radiation oncology treatments; the radiologist reads all medical scans from x-ray to MRI but does not treat. I know so many who've had a brain spot fired by precision radiation. In fact, so many that it is almost a common treatment these days. I'm quite certain your radiation oncologist will finish that brain met, quickly.

Stay the course.


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Yes, I meet with my radiation oncologist Friday. She is amazing and brilliant — she holds an endowed research chair— and may even head the gamma knife team. She always reviews scans from the beginning before conversation begins. I’ll be interested to hear her thoughts.

Brain BBQ coming up! 

Thanks, Tom.


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