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Cancer and Vitamin C IV


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My story: Diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC) 2 years ago. Had IPT and surgery and at the time my SCC Marker was 1.3. Started strict full Jane McLelland protocol, diet etc. Also started Vitamin C w/doxycycline 1g/kg of body weight using DSM Quali C. The SCCM (marker) went to 33 after 3 months. As I subsequently discovered all Vitamin C made from corn, that is 99% of all Vitamin C made in the world, will grow tumours rapidly and aggressively despite all other efforts. Looking for non-corn source of Vitamin C I found Pharmalife at vitaminciv.wordpress.com in Romania. Just to see what the effect of their VITA C IV  (Vitamin C + Sodium Bicarbonate) product will be I made  tests before and after without changing anything in my diet or supplements, just added IVC. Had 5 IVC injections. The resulting tests: 22/2/22 SCCM was 18 and on 7/3/22 it was already 56.9. I was in shock and in a lot of pain. So as a cancer treatment it did the opposite of expected. Pharmalife swore that their IVC is corn free and declined to even discuss my results after sending them the tests. Hoping to survive this fraud. 

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Welcome here.

Unfortunately, I've experience many folks during my 18-years of survival who've been disappointed from non-science based alternative cancer care remedies. The advertising claims are so persuasive but there is no science-based information to show that diet, supplements, including Vitamin C in any form or method of administration, have any effect on curing, stopping metastasis or improving outcomes for any form of cancer. Here is the Mayo Clinic's view on Vitamin C as a cancer remedy. 

Once an organization called Quack Watch was active in pointing out questionable and fraudulent cancer remedies. Some of their information remains relevant. A search on Pharmalife reveals many indictments for fraud for a myriad of potentially illegal activities. So I'd steer clear of that organization as a source for anything.

Stay the course.


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Your situation is a lesson to the rest of us to not believe it what we wish was real, but in what we can count on that is real.  Tom is absolutely right in all he wrote.  There are no secret cures or mixtures or vitamins.  Trust me...if it were so, some pharmeceutical company would have already taken ownership and made it available at a healthy profit.


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