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Greetings from Croatia. I have bad news. My mother (58) was diagnosed with small cell cancer. I am 20 years old and I do not know how to deal with everything. If there is anyone who can give me some faith or some facts about this cancer i would be glad..Sorry for my bad eng.🙏

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I'm sorry to hear about your mother's SCLC (small cell lung cancer).  Small Cell Lung Cancer can be harder to treat and sometimes can recur more aggressively than before.  We do have a forum dedicated to Small Cell Lung Cancer and it can be found here.  Whatever information you can share with the folks there will help them to provide more of the information that you are looking for.  My prayers for you and your mother.



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Welcome here and very sorry to learn about your mother's diagnosis.

Lou is quite correct, small cell can be harder to treat. Here is a summary of information about the type of cancer your mom has. You did not report the stage of your mom's lung cancer. Staging is important because it predicts if surgery can be used as a treatment method. With small cell, there are but 2 stages: Limited Stage and Extensive Stage. The former may be suitable for a surgical treatment but the latter requires systemic treatment (chemotherapy). Surgery can be an important treatment method so ask about your mom's diagnosis stage.

There is however a new treatment development in SCLC--Immunotherapy. You'll note its mention in the linked information and it is a game changer that enhances chemotherapy as a systemic treatment. Also several types of medical radiation can be very effective in treating extensive stage small cell.

If you are comfortable, let us know about your mom's diagnosis stage and the type of treatment she'll have. Those of us who've had that treatment may be able to relate their experience and inform you about treatment related side effects.

Stay the course.



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