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Susan OKeefe

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I’d like to join a lung cancer support group so I can be a part of a community who can share their experience with post chemo treatment. In addition, I’d like to participate in this year’s LUNGevity walk in D.C. this fall to bring awareness of lung cancer and raise funds from family and friends to fund research to better understand how lung cancer develops, how lung cancer could be detected at an early stage lung cancer and develop better treatments that prolong life and even cure lung cancer. 

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On September 28, 2021, I was diagnosed at the George Washington University Medical Center with Stage IIA lung cancer with a lepedic pattern and a mutation. I had a partial lung resection on November 12th by Dr. Battaforano at Johns Hopkins. 

Following surgery, I had chemo from January 10 through March 29, 2022. Because I am lucky enough to have cancer with a mutation, I’ll be taking Tagrisso for 3 years. 

I see Dr. Levy, the Head of Medical Oncology at Sibley Memorial Hospital also part of Johns Hopkins. I’m receiving excellent care in that Dr. Levy spent 10 years at Sloan-Ketteringis very knowledgeable about all the latest research. Dr. Levy is very personable and empathetic. He has told me (fingers crossed) that we’re going for a cure. That keeps my anxiety at bay, that’s for sure! 

I’m having scans every 4 months and seeing my oncologist every 2 months so he can review my bloodwork and discuss and concerns I have. 

Although I have a very good prognosis, I know that cancer is an unpredictable predator. I had breast cancer in 2011 so another cancer could develop elsewhere independent of my lung cancer. 


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Hi Susan, you've come to the right place. I'm one of a number of members who have had chemo, as well as radiation, before starting on Tagrisso. I've been on that for 30 months now with few side effects, have No Evidence of Disease and am coming up on my 3-year cancerversary. 

Like you, I'm fortunate to have a very empathetic oncologist. It really matters to me that he is so caring and understanding. 

Welcome to the group! 

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Hi Susan, welcome to this awesome community. I am new here, was diagnosed in March 2022 and was staged 3b since one of my mediastinal lymph nodes was positive and my tumour was quite big like a thin 5 cm long tube. I have EGFR exon 19 mutation. After UL lobectomy with negative margins, I was on 4 rounds of platinum doublet adjuvant chemo which I just finished in mid August. I was told I should start adjuvant Tagrisso soon and expect to by Sep 20th for 3 years. 

How was your experience with adjuvant Tagrisso so far? Take care!


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