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Stage 4 lung cancer wedge pillow


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Hi my mom was just diagnosed w stage four lung cancer that's spread to brain and bones. She has some broken bones and ribs in a lot of pain and hard time getting comfortable. She s also doing chemo and radiation. I was going to get her a wedge pillow but wanted to see if they help or recommended. Thanks

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 Hi and welcome here! I don't know how a wedge pillow would work in your mom's situation, but when I had a lobectomy (removal of the lower lobe of my right lung) for lung cancer, a wedge pillow made me a lot more comfortable and helped me breathe more easily during my recovery.  Wedge pillows aren't expensive and it certainly would be worth a try.  If you decide to get one, please let us know if it helps your mom be comfortable.

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Welcome also. Bridget is right. Most of us recovering from thoracic surgery use wedge pillows to move the upper body weight to the hips while sleeping. 

If your mom's bone mets and breaks are in the upper chest, perhaps a wedge pillow might help. Amazon has a big selection. I went to several mattress stores to audition mine before my first surgery. 

Your mom's first-line therapy will be a tough course but these days thanks to improvements in therapy and radiation oncology, treatment has a high probability of success. Let us know how she does. Here is some information about chemotherapy and radiation used to treat lung cancer.

Stay the course.


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