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Clinical trials as a treatment option

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When my mother was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer, I looked for clinical trials she could enter.

I have worked in drug development for 12 years and yet it took me 6 hours to find the three most suitable clinical trials for her. In the next medical appointment, I presented those three trials to the oncologist, who didn't even know those were available in the same city. He thanked me for finding those trials, as he thought some of his patients would also benefit from those trials. 

I kept thinking: what happens to those patients and families that don't know how to technically identify a suitable clinical trial as I did for my mother? 

I left my job and I created a free online platform with over 65,000 clinical trials globally where patients, their families, their nurses and their doctors can easily find and connect to the most suitable clinical trial within 5 minutes. 

I genuinely hope this platform can help at least some of those that are suffering from incurable illnesses.

If you would like to know if there is a clinical trial for you, check the 'Match' section of the platform here:  https://trials.clinicalnet.com/login

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This is useful, albeit only for folks in the UK.  Would you mind if I moved it to our new forum "National Health System Treatment"?  Since we have users from around the world we recently created a forum where they can share experiences and learning from their countries.  I would like your post to be the first in the forum.  Do you agree to my moving it there?


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