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Multiple lung modules - 34 year old

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Hello everyone. What a scary couple of days. My husband is 34 and we have 2 kids. Went for a heart CT scan a month ago which incidentally found multiple nodules in both lungs.

He had the CT scan done two days ago and I’m petrified because the report sounds very scary! 

Multiple nodules, one 1.6cm triangular spiculated, suspected metastasis but no primary location other than the 1 spiculated. Enlarged lymph nodes were also found. 

Saw a lung specialist who mentioned perhaps Sarcoidosis, but we can’t rule that out until we do a biopsy of one of the swollen nodes. He felt some other swollen nodes in his neck too. General bloods were all in range.

He has no other symptoms.

Hoping for some reassurance and support. I’m really scared of the worst! 

Thanks so much

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I’m sorry to hear. My dad is currently in a very similar situation. He had X-rays blood tests pet scans and the latest is a biopsy with enlarged lympe nodes in the neck (all these tests have been going on for a month). Apart from a bit of a husky voice he doesn’t seem to have any symptoms.

He is seeing a specialist on Wednesday for the results. My family and I are very nervous. 

All the best to you and your entire family. 

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I'm sorry you need to be here, but glad you found our forums.  The lung cancer diagnostic process can seem like it goes on forever, but it's necessary in order to not only determine if the issue is LC but also to determine the type and the best form of treatment.  At this point your husband's doctors have not made a definitive diagnosis.  Regardless of outcome you may get some benefit taking a look at "Navigating Your Diagnosis".  It will help you to understand the processes you are experiencing and perhaps even help you to ask better questions of your husband's medical team.

Please update us when you hear more.  If your husband does need our support just know that we're here and ready to help.


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