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Hello from IL--- Part 3


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Been a while since i last posted. May of '21 i believe.

So my MNL has chosen to go on hospice care.  The chemo is putting her liver in the tank.  At least that's what the doc's are telling her. She was sickly and vomiting at all times during the day. Couldn't control the hydration. Was sent to ER multiple times for IV hydration. She was not looking good.

She never did anything other than take a handful of pharmaceutical's everyday, but yet said she was "fighting".  I just wish she would have givin a lifestyle change a chance. Better diet, hydration, exercise, wearing her O2 at all times, things of that nature.

Ultimately and obviously it is her choice.  I feel its a wrong one at this time.  I told her she should go back to Iowa City and let them give you a once more going over, but she doesn't want to.  Seems silly and LAZY to me, but im not her, so here we are.

I can already hear the regrets....................................

I wish you all well. 

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