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Stage 4 SC

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Hi All, Wife was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer, small cell last July.

She has had 3 rounds of Chemo and 2 Radiation

Currently having many blood issues as a result and just was wondering if anyone else has gone thru this and what can i expect

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Hi Jim,

Welcome to our forums.  Glad you found us but sorry you need to be here.  There is a wide spectrum of survivors here NSC, SC, gene driven, etc.  I'm sure you'll be hearing from some of these folks soon.  I would still like to share some information that may help you along your (and your wife's) journey.

  1. This is an important blog by one of our long-time survivors who was diagnosed at Stage 3 then Stage 4 and 19 years later was declared "cured".  It's titled "10 Steps to Surviving Lung Cancer; from a Survivor".
  2. In addition to Tom's story Lungevity has a section titled "Lung Cancer 101" which has a plethora of information from why lung cancer happens to diagnosis, treatment, and other important information.
  3. Finally...having spent over 3 years as a caregiver I have some knowledge of how tough it can be.  We have a section called "Caregiver Resource Center"  you can post there and peruse to understand how others before you coped with this difficult disease.

I look forward to hearing more from you and hope you find the support you are looking for here.


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So sorry to hear your wife and you are going through this. Here's hoping someone here has some experiences to share.  Just wanted to say Welcome. 


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