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Interesting website on Statistics and Nutrition


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Very Nice.

I am copying a part of it just because I liked it!!!

Julie Friedeberger writes most eloquently about the misguided and hurtful belief amongst many "New Age" movements, that we create our reality, that we in fact create our illnesses, that we are responsible for getting cancer, and that we need to "deal with the issues, or the psychological flaw which brought it on. She writes "...The whole misguided theory would be laughable if it were not responsible for doing so much damage. If you are suffering from cancer, or any other serious illness, you have enough to cope with without having added to your burdens the judgement that you brought it on yourself... It's an insidious form of victim-blaming, and it has another, possibly even more harmful effect; it diverts attention and energy away from the physical causes of physical illness, and from the real political and social issues around cancer

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And I also liked this from the article, especially number 5!!!

What Programme for the Individual

But the future is a meaningless concept to people now grappling and dying from cancer. Mothers and fathers with young children, dying tragically. What is the way forward today? Perhaps the following principles may be of assistance in helping people to formulate their own individual treatment programmes:

1 Obtain the very best medical advice from the leading specialists. Listen and seek additional opinions. Do not rush into treatment or surgery. Be informed about your options. Seek additional information regarding other treatments which may help to ameliorate side effects. Make the decision of the course of treatment in which you most strongly believe and vary this as you see fit over time.

2 Avail yourself of whole food of the highest quality and freshness. Seek professional nutritional advice. Nutritional guidelines for people with cancer recently published may be of assistance in this respect.20

3 Treat yourself gently and do your utmost to be supported in ways which nourish your body, mind and spirit. If possible, join a support group.

4 While being aware of the possibility that you may die sooner than you would have wished for, live in a positive way. Do the things you really want to, which give you pleasure and satisfaction, be friends with those who are uplifting to you.

5 Work through the feelings of resentment, anger and injustice of your situation; develop the simple humble qualities of compassion and gratitude. Enjoy being alive and authentically yourself – you may continue to be around for quite some time after all.

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