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I have a question about Iressa. My mom has been on it after the taxol/carbo treatments didnt work for her and a bad reaction to Taxotere. What is it about Iressa that makes doctors use it last or after others fail? Is it the cost, the effectiveness, or maybe the fact that you have the least side affects? I guess I should ask the doctor but dont know when I will actually see him again with my Mom. Also, is there any really good Iressa websites out there? Also, is there anything left to try after the Iressa if it doesnt work?? Mom is doing very well on it but I am sooooo scared it's not working for her as the taxol/carbo didnt :(

Any help is appreciated!


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Earl is on Iressa after Carbo/Taxol. The chemo was just too tough on his body although he had some shrinkage and then stability.

Right now the Iressa looks like it is maintaining stable. The onc. said that if the Iressa doesn't work or stops working 'his shelf is not empty'. So it looks like there is life after Iressa.


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Hi Gayle,

Found this about Iressa. Also this website tells more about it. I'm currently on Iressa and was also told still more drugs to take if Iressa does not (will be trying navelbine next if Iressa does not) work. Hope this helps. Peace, take care and God Bless.



Getting Started with IRESSA

IRESSA was approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat advanced non–small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) in patients who have already received specific chemotherapy (platinum and docetaxel). IRESSA therapy resulted in tumor shrinkage in a number of patients. However, no studies were done comparing IRESSA alone to placebo (sugar pill) or other cancer treatments to show if IRESSA increased survival or improved cancer-related symptoms. In two large studies, adding IRESSA to chemotherapy for the initial treatment of NSCLC did not show improvement when compared with chemotherapy alone; therefore, IRESSA is not approved in this setting

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