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Flu Bug or Chemo??


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My dad was diagnosed almost a year ago with lung cancer and had chemo from May - October. He was then in remission. Unfortunately, during his visit at the end of February, the PET/CT scan revealed the cancer is back :cry: During chemo last time he never once was sick. This time, he's had three chemo treatments of Carbo/Taxol (same as before) and was fine. However, last night was very sick to his stomach and vomitted quite a bit. (His last chemo was three days prior). So my question is could this be from chemo even though it's never happened before? Or is it more likely to be the flu (he doesn't have a temp)? The only thing different this time with his chemo is that he is also getting Zometa (once a month). Thanks!

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I'm sorry to hear that your dad is sick. :oops: My mom had some nausea with her chemo but never actually vomitted. Then when there was recurrence of cancer in the liver she had some vomitting and the doctor said that the cancer in the liver could have actually caused that rather than the Gleevec (clinical trial pill) that she was taking. Of course we did not know which was the case but it may be the mets to the liver that's making him ill. Hopefully by the time you read this post his vomitting has gone.

There are some anti-nausea pills that can really help that. Have you check into that?

Take care,


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