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Thanks Debi :)


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I just want to thank you b/c I just realized I am using your idea, Lung Cancer may be only a breath away as the theme for my lung cancer booth. I knew I got the idea from somewhere and just searched and found where :)

I would LOVE to say "Cancer Sucks" or "Have you gotten a chest xray? Yes? Well don't relax, you can still have lung cancer" or "Was that a cough? Have you been tested for lung cancer?" but my mom said those would be offensive.

I STILL like the idea of a sign around her neck saying "don't i look good? well i have advanced stage lung cancer and i had no symptoms. is it growing in you too?" But she said no! :twisted:

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In your mother's defense, I don't blame her for not wanting a blazing "cow bell" around her neck tolling her disease... I WILL wear a T-shirt or hat that says "CANCER SUCKS", but to list out my diagnosis, prognosis, etc., is just too much to share with any stranger on the street.

Get her a T-shirt....tell her that part of the proceeds went to cancer research (on the Choose Hope site, they do)...she just might wear it...


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I can see her point about the shirt too :) The thing is my mom is soooo beautiful and does not look sick at all, it is almost a shock value to people when they hear what she has. They don't believe it. She did lose 50% of her hair, but she had a lot to begin with and with the magic of a great haircut, it just is incredible.

She will carry the tote I am doing. She won't wear t-shirts, she does not like how she looks in them :)

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