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Fluid in lungs


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Hi everyone. My mother that has nsclc with mets to her brain was just told that the reason she is haveing such a hard time breathing is because of fluid on her lungs. They said that in two weeks when she comes back they will see how she is doing. They did not explain how or why this happens and only said that if it gets too bad and she can't breath and her chest swells, go to the hospital. The research that I have done on the PC about this does not sound good. They also said to get attention as soon as you find out, to not wait. So my concern is if she waits 2 weeks will it matter. Anyone with information please help.

Thanks, Tammy

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ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? They said to wait TWO WEEKS??? OH MY GOODNESS! She's having problems breathing NOW, so why do they want to wait???? Did you go to the appointment with you mom? I would really look into a second opinion ASAP if I were you! Your mom shouldn't have to wait or go through this NOW or at anytime.

Please keep up posted.

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Your Mom needs to have the fluid drained as soon as possible if it is causing her problems. I have had it done 3 time now and while it hurt like hades to re-inflate the lung during the procedure I felt alot better when I was done.

Seek a 2nd opinion if you have to but she should NOT have to wait 2 weeks FOR ANYTHING!!!!!

Prayers and best wishes.

God Bless,


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