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anyone ever heard of or use Tian Xian Liquid as a treatment?

Guest mgee

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Guest mgee

My name is Margaret Gee. My mom (71) was diagnosis with NSCLS last week. We're going to get an abdominal CT Scan this Monday to see if the cancer has spread, but her doctor is not hopeful. He very matter of factly told me my mom has about 1 year, which was devastating for us b/c my mom feels fine except for one cough that she had 4 weeks ago that contained about a teaspoon worth of blood.

My mom is in pretty good spirit and believe she can fight it. However, I'm a mess. I'm expecting in a few weeks and the thought that my mom won't be around to see my son grow up is heart-breaking. I'm trying to be strong for her, but it's so hard.

Since her diagnosis, I've found this site and it's given me hope that my mom can fight this disease and that statistics from the doctor is just that. I also went in search of what treatments are available and came across a site discussing an herbal supplement, Tian Xian Liquid, which can be use along side with chemo. This medication is very expensive ($890 per set) which I'm willing to pay. However, I'm not sure if it's a hoax. Could someone let me know if they have every heard of this medication or tried it themselves? Any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

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I dont have any answers about the med's, but just want to wish both you and your Mom the best. When my Dad was first dx'd, I surfed the web, even before we knew what stage he was, and the statistics were devastating. This site has helped me to see, that the statistics are SOOOO wrong. As Im sure you will hear from plenty of people on this site, every one is different. According to statistics and doctors, my Dad's cancer was supposto be incurable, and inoperable... not the case, my dad is going in for surgery at the end of this month, and they seemed to have cleared up his cancer everywhere else too.... (we hope). So remember that no doctor can say for sure how long someone will live or die... Everyone is different. Stick with this site, theres wonderful people here for support.

They also seem to know EVERYTHING I dont about Cancer

The best of luck to you guys,


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Hi Margaret. I don't have answers to your questions either, but I did want to welcome you to this family of people who really care and understand everything you are going through. Please keep us posted about everything that's going on. You might want to copy and paste your post under alternative therapies - you might get a quicker response there from folks who have a wealth of information on those things. Best of luck to you and your mom.

God bless you,


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