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made a poll question


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They never gave my family and answer. It took me AWHILE to get the doctor to change it. He was his doctor for not even 24 hours when he got transferred. it said respitory arrest, head and neck cancer...which was completely false. he had mouth and throat cancer 10 years before that, so i think the guy just looked quick and jotted it down...it also took him 2 days to sign it, so my poor dad was in their morgue for longer then he should have been!!! Jerks! But i was so shocked to see others with a problem! So NOW i am curious!!

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Janine (I THINK, can't remember...brain issue),

You stated your father had throat/neck cancer 10 years prior to lung cancer - was the lung cancer a new primary or a leftover from the throat episode, possibly?

My grandfather had prostate cancer - radical surgery at the time, lived ten years after the surgery before being diagnosed with bone cancer - which traveled to his brain.

His cause of death was complications due to prostate cancer, they assumed it was mets from his original cancer...

Just a thought...and a question...no answers...nothing new for me, questions, not answers...go figure!


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Becky, Yes it is Janine!!! good job. I do not think so I asked the doctor that and he said no. My dad had TONS of follow ups over the years too from his mouth and throat cancer. which is why it shocked us when he was dx! He even had the year before a pollup removed from his colon, so PLENTY of ct scans and x-rays, blood work and such so it was odd when it was a stage IV cancer. usually something tips it off when your at the doctors that much and getting scans you would think, only thing was a cough the month before my mom said to check out when he went for his yearly physical...but again he got dx in January so a cough for a month is not out of the ordinary.

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