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Thanks to all for your support

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I haven't quite figured out the board enough to know how to thank everyone separately but thank you for your support in spite of me not knowing definite details about what the lung mass is. One place calls it a

nodule and one calls it a mass. I just know it is there.

I was afraid that all of you would think I was crazy asking for comfort already.

Within seconds of my doctor telling me he thought it very well could be a malignant turmor I had jumped ahead in my vision of this and was already in a recovery room somewhere and the worst was over. I seriously know it doesn't work that way or work that fast .

All of you relay an inspiration of courage and determination

Here all of you have gone through so much and I am just complaining for waiting . I humbly apologize for that.

Again, Thankyou


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First off stop apologizing! Of all the things I've had to deal with in this, the waiting was by FAR the hardest.

And I, too, came to this board knowing only I had a "mass" in my right lung. Nobody thought I was crazy, and everyone gave me tremendous support right from the start.


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Guest Phyllis

Complain away. I know after I have to see my doctors I am just a basket case trying to figure just what they said. I hate the word mass. Sometimes they make you feel like you won't live to see another day and then they are like I don't know why you are so upset.

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