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The Issels Medical Center

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Has anyone heard of the Issels Medical Center? They claim to have wonderful success with remissions of otherwise non-responsive cancers.

It sounds too good to be true (and so it probably is). But I just wondered if anyone else knew of it.


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They have several locations, Phoenix, AZ, Santa Barbara, CA, and a place in Mexico. Their website is www.issels.com Interesting but scary. I've known a lot of people who have wasted a lot of money with no results but this made me stop and think...I guess I'm just looking for a miracle.


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I can't get the link to work...

I believe this name came up earlier today when I accessed a different lung cancer site. Not sure what the address was, I bypassed it.

As for sounding too good to be true...well, I go for the Doubting Thomas view, too.

We are all looking for a miracle, but don't want to make someone rich off empty promises in that search. Research what you're reading, bounce the ideas off some of your friends/family and your doctor...there could be something worthwhile, but it could also be a smokescreen money-making scheme...

Take care,


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Guest Phyllis

It would be worth investigating if you have the notion. I do believe that if we could afford it that there are treatments we could try outside of the United States where the FDA regulations are not so strick. I think you have to be careful. Isn't someplace like Prague or something supposed to have good medical treatment? Maybe I am jaded but I do believe that places like Japan and stuff might have drugs available now that we don't.

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