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After looking at the front page of our paper this morning, I turned to page two where I found this same article!! I found it hopeful and encouraging and thought it was about bleepin' time somebody updated the growing survival rates that we, here, know to be true!!

I mean, we all know how dismal much of the survival information is on the web....so to have this published and out there is, I think, very definitely a good offset to other, more depressing statistics.

Without hope....all of life is a struggle. If we walked out our doors each day and didn't even "hope" to make it across the street in traffic.....then why try...huh? (I'm thinking of that beer truck Becky keeps mentioning! :wink: )

So any news that is hopeful, encouraging and positive NEEDS to be heard....and I, for one, was quite happy to see this article!

Not to mention the other "bonus" of this article...which is that it reminds the public that lung cancer is still #1 and since none of us are invincible....maybe such articles will encourage more research and funding into the #1 cancer.....eh?

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