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My Dad was having some severe leg pain before his last chemo round and the doctor ordered a CT of is torso, The good news is the tumors in his lung, lowerspine, and brochial tube have decreased slightly. The bad news is that there are new tumors on his sternum and upper back. He had the CT on Tuesday, so I called the dr for results yesterday. Of course I have a million questions, that I forgot to ask. I was just so taken back by the fact that it had spread. I even forgot to ask about his leg!!! Apparently he has been having pain in his chest that he didnt tell us about. I am by far no expert, but isn't the chemo suppose to stop the growth or spreading of the cancer? And if that is true, will they stop chemo? Rradiation shrinks the tumors? He had radiation, 30 X, but that was 2 mths ago. He goes in for his next round of chemo on Wednesday, so I guess we will find out more then. If I can get them to give me a straight answer. Any advice or info you may have would be great!!

God Bless!!

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You need to call the Dr and find out if they are going to change the chemo. I would think if there are new tumors then a change should be made.

Also is he on pain meds? If not then ask for some, he should not have to be in pain, and since they know what is causing it they should now try to get rid of it.

Good Luck, Cindy

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My husband had SCLC and he began having some issues mid way through his treatment as well and he had new tumor growth. HIs original tumor in his right lung was shrinking but it appears now he also had NSCLC which grew during the chemo. His tumor appeared in his back and then on the lining of his lung and chest wall.

Everyone is different so I seriously doubt this is what is happening but it just proves to follow up on those other pains - we were "dismissed" by the doc/nurse when called about other issues and told - he's "being monitored" and relax. Follow through with the pain - it's telling some story.

Best of luck to you - keep us all posted!

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