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A bad case of laryngitis...


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took my partner to the doctor where he found out the devastating news that he has squamous cell lung cancer. It was confirmed when the pulmonologist did a bronchoscopy and then recommended a medical oncologist. James is currently taking weekly treatments of taxol/carboplaten and next week is scheduled to see a radiation oncologist to begin 30 days of radiation. The pulmonologist explained that the tumor is pressing on the nerve that goes to the vocal cords and has paralyzed them. Has anyone else suffered this? James is still able to speak in a whisper and we are hoping that if the treatment reduces the tumor he will regain his voice.

I have been reading this site for weeks now as I have come to grips with all that this means. Fortunately, with the help of family and friends, I now have the attitude that we are living with cancer rather than dying of cancer. I also realize that as the caregiver, I have very different thoughts and needs than my partner, and also completely different reactions to the disease. I want very much to support him in the decisions he will be making along the way, but I will probably be needing the benefit of your experiences, so I have decided to identify myself. As you say, I am sorry that I have found you, but glad that you are there. Gail A

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HI Gail, Welcome, so sorry that you have the need to be here but glad you found this site there are a lot of great folks here.

Like James my vocal chords are paralyzed also, I have seen a specailist for it and there are several things they can do to help, one being a surgery to build up the paralyzed side to meet closer to the other side, one of the other things is silicone injections, which they say last about 8 weeks. I have chosed neither as right now I'm just concentrating on feeling better and think I have learned to compensate a lot as it has been about 3 -4 months, I have a very unique voice right now. There is another man who has this problem too I'll see if I can remeber his name and you can read his posts on this also.

Take care, David A

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Welcome to the caregivers club nobody wanted to join. You will find great information, caring and support for both you and your life partner.

While this is not a disease any of us would choose, there is continued hope everyday for new and exciting treatments. The big oncologists meeting is next week and I am looking forward to the reports from our onc.

My husband had a problem with his vocal cords from his trach, one of them was paralyzed. It seems to have improved but his voice is very week. Albeit, he can certainly make it known what he wants. LOL

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