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Hi Denise,

I was on a combo for my first line (see my profile) of treatment and did nothing. Was on only Taxol and had great success. Can't begin to tell you how many people questioned why only the one. Just said this is what my doctor recommend and I felt very confident in her decision. It's not that cut and dry. Just bring up you concerns to your mom's doctor to relieve your mind. Could be any number of reason's. Hope this helps. Peace, take care and God Bless. Rich

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Hey Denise...this sounds okay. I know plenty of people that have had one line treatment and have had great success. I've heard of them doing Gemzar as one treatment and I think they usually do Navelbine as one treatment. Thinking and praying for you and your mom.

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Denise - My Dad was first started with Taxol - it didn't decrease the tumor, so they had to switch him to a combo, but I have read here that there are many people who are just on one drug. If I were you, I would questions the Onc as to his reasoning just to give you peace of mind. Sharon

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