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I always tell myself to go with my instincts..Let me tell you about my instincts..

Before Iressa was FDA approved I asked my dads doctor if we could maybe see what it was all about, this was before it was ever mentioned on the boards, it was just a little research I was doing, you know those times searching and searching the internet until we could find something to give us hope..His response was "well I dont think it is going to be the silver bullet everyone thinks it is" I remember thinking maybe its not the CURE but it sure has shown much promise, that was just one of many dumb things that he said..

When we went to U of Mich.. I was hoping somehow to at least see the doctor that was working on a drug to reduce copper in the cancer patient, when I mentioned it to the onc that we were seeing he chuckled a little and "oh you mean the copper man" Alrighty then, another glimmer of hope these "doctors" just shot down.

Last night I watched a beautiful story on HBO about the doctor who did the first heart surgery and he was laughed at too well maybe not laughed at but they didnt believe it was possible..All I kept thinking the whole movie was what about the treatments dad could of had especially the copper one..No one was listening..

Just wanted to tell you to listen to your inner voice if you are ever in doubt..I dont even know if this post makes any sense..I think I just wanted someone to listen, and of course somewhere to vent... Have a good weekend everyone..

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Your post makes 100% sense to me. SOme may say that does not mean much ;) Hee hee.

I agree with you, listen to the inner voice and if something seems wrong, it might be wrong. The first dr we went to, a well respected pulmonogist, was not as aggressive as the second dr and I will NEVER forget when the first doctor said to me "I implore you to reconsider, Dr ___ is wrong, your mom will most likely die just while getting a medisatonoscopy." I was offended but did not care, my inner voice spoke to me. Now if only I could parade my mom in front of his ugly face!

There is never a reason to give up and keep trying. A 1% chance of something helping is better than a 0%.

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Your post makes perfect sense. But I also sense that you are beating yourself up over the past. Please don't do that. You did what you could for your father. Everything you did was because of your love for him. There is no way of knowing if things would have been different. Who knows? He may have lived less time or with less quality of life. You will never know.

As a parent, I can say this. I would not want either of my children feeling regret for anything that happened while I am ill. I want them to be happy and live happy lives. I hope I have and will continue to prepare them for the inevitablity that most children do outlive their parents. Of course there are always Becky's beer trucks...


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