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I have a question on Iressa & Celebrex


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I'm relatively new to this site. I have read in more than one case that people are taking Iressa & also taking Celebrex. From what I can find out about the drug Celebrex it seems to be for joint relief. My husband will start on Iressa later this week and I'm wondering if some of the side effects are joint related.

This board is just wonderful!!!!! Finally a place where you can seek information others have experienced and also share your trials and tribulations.

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My husband just started on Iressa but there hasn't been any mention of Celebrex - I've only seen that on commercials. I hope he does good on Iressa - they tell us it takes several weeks to get to it's full strength but I think that is probably conservative. We were thrilled the first day!!!

Good luck to you and your husband and we're glad you found this site.

It has been a saving Grace for me!

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Many studies have shown that Celebrex has anti-cancer properties, and that it may help to enhance the effects of chemotherapy.

If you type Celebrex into the Search Icon at the top of the page, you will find many references on this board.

If you do an internet search on 'Celebrex and Cancer' you will also find loads of information.

Best of luck


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Hi, and welcome! My husband started Celebrex when he was on Gemzar and Navelbine. It caused bad joint pain. He also has bone mets. It quit working and so he is now on Iressa. Its only been two weeks, and yes he is (still) on Celebrex with it. It keeps his from having so much pain and imflamation. He stopped taking it for 24 hrs to see if he felt any difference. We had to argue with the ins. company cause they say its for arthritis not cancer. But new studies show it helps cancer, so they ok'd it! He had to go back on it because he could hardly move! He has several new spots found on his last bone scan. He is starting to get a rash on his chest, but unfortunately, he also has more small tumors in both lungs and he is not feeling better (yet). The Dr says that within one month he should start feeling better if its working. So far, it has been very discouraging to say the least. All we can do is pray for the Iressa to work. and quickly we hope. Good luck with your husband, prayers going up!! :)


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