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Jen's update day 4


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Yesterday was a bit of a blur. Couldn't stop sleeping and felt "odd" and "weird" all day after chemo 3.

Today I have a cough w/ lots of phlem, not sure why. Called and they said not to worry about it. My ears are also ringing and buzzing.

I go from okay to very tired and feeling strange and spaced out. Its very weird. All of a sudden I feel heavy and like I weigh a ton.

No vomiting through 4 days! :D

I wish you could find more info about the first week. You read all this stuff about later, low blood counts, shots, infections, but there isn't much written on the first week-how it feels, what's normal etc....

Thanks for all of the support. I couldn't have gotten started w/o you guys.

Hopefully, all of this will be worth it and work!


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Glad to hear from you! That's funny about that phlem thing, my mother had the same experience on like day 3 or 4, tons of phlem out of nowhere. It was the strangest thing. Since it was her first real "side effect" I called the nurse and she said she had never heard of that before so early in the treatment. Just disappeared and never happened again! Get some good rest and hope you are about your business as usual!!

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Jen, good to hear from you. I remember coughing a lot also. I was coughing up a lot of crap from my lungs and honestly think it was not only part of the tumor breaking apart but also the crap built up from years of smoking. I had little black flecks in my phlem and It had to be the tar built up in my lungs breaking up and coming out. Hows that for a testimonial about why you should not smoke??!?!?!?!?!!!!

It seems as if chemo effects everyone a little differently. Hang in there and keep the positive thinking going. Don't let the differences in feeling get you down, remember you are getting GOOD THINGS DONE to you which is going to make you feel a little odd. Be happy you are feeling odd because it means the chemo is working!!!! You need to go read this article


The Median Isn't the Message by Stephen Jay Gould

This is an article my sister, Becky CW, sent me which really helped me out. Have a happy and joyous 4th of July weekend. The ball is rolling on your cure so get out and enjoy life as much as you can. Hamburgers have good protein and there is a lot of holiday beverages to keep you hydrated. Remember to keep hydrated. My prayers will be with you.

David C

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Good to hear about your update. You seem to be handling it very well. I was not given the drug you refer to. I did give myself shots though. Neupogen & epogen for my counts. I don't recall any bad side effects from these. Keep up the good work & chin up! Thinking of you every day.


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Ask about ethyol as a premed for the stuff with the ears.....

It should keep it from getting worse over the course of treatment,

Mine gradually got a little better over the last few years.



Hang in there, hon, You'll get through this all okay.

I should be home all next weeek, Heidi's having her tonsils out.

Prayers always,



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