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Do we have bonkitis results yet from Dave and karen?


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I haven't seen anything about his biopsy results, Andrea, I hope we hear from them soon.

I am also worried about SandyS. Does anyone know if she got back the results of her adrenal biopsy? Maybe she has just found a way to fashion a side car for her Dobie and has headed on a road trip toward Ry's house?


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Andrea and everybody. We did not even notice that there was a new General section. We have been so engrossed in our affairs that we just did not notice. Thank you so much for everybody's posts of support to Karen and I under our post an the old General board. Please know that every night you are all included in my prayers. May God bless us and forgive us all our sins. May he watch over us and give us the strength to face the road ahead.

David C

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