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no more radiation?

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Mom is currently taking her second round of radiation, which put her at 7000 rads, which is the maximum. What happens if it doesn't work? Are the drugs I have been reading about what they will try then (Iressa, etc)? Also, if she would happen to get cancer other places (brain), can they radiate there, just not in the lungs anymore?

You are all wonderful and have made me feel OK when things aren't going OK. Lori

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I think that the max amount of radiation is given to a certain "spot". Not 100% sure, but I think they can do it in other places.

I also think they will try putting your mom on some med's. My dad hasent needed any this far, so as far as what they will put her on... I dont know.

Best of Luck


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Yes, it is weird, and I wish there was a good reason why, but radiation continues to work for a long time. Yes, your mom would be eligible to receive radiation in other places should she need it. And it is likely that there would be some combination of chemo drugs or Iressa to follow the radiation. Your mom's oncologist should be able to give you a battle plan.

Best wishes.


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It is amazing and confusing that radiation continues to "work" as time goes on. My Dad just finished PCI about 5 weeks ago and expects the side effects to last 3 more weeks. So, that is about 2 months of the radiation causing problems! From what I have read, once an area is has had radiation, they don't do that anymore, but, to make this more confusing, the doctor told my Dad if he gets brain mets, they can do the gamma knife to attack the tumor. So much I don't know.


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