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Chick is dizzy, fatigued, more dizzy, very tired.

S. Jane

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My Dad (Chick) has been having a real tough time. After his complete remission he took the doctors recommendation and had PCI. He couldn't complete the 20 treatments, he completed the 15. He was awfully dizzy and weak. Though he expected some terrible headaches, he didn't get a one. His appetite isn't great either and he has lost a few pounds. The PCI swelled his brain and caused this imbalance problem. Now 5 weeks later, he is still having the same problems and feeling awful. He will not contact the doctor because the doctor said he could feel the dizziness and fatigue until the end of July. It seems like it has been too long to be this debilitating, that he should be feeling better, and less dizzy, instead of incapacitated for three days in a row (I just got back from spending three days there). Any insights? He isn't on steroids, since he was weaned from predisone right at the start of the PCI.


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