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discouraging week


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hi everyone,

my mother's pet/cat scan results came in late last week, and the carbo-taxol chemo she has been on is no longer working. the original mass in her right lung has grown from 2 cm to 2.5 cm and a new 1.9 cm mass has shown up. her oncologist wanted to start her on a new chemo regime (gemzar or a combo of gemzar and something else) today, but earlier this week my mother began to experience dizzy spells and nausea. a cat scan revealed two masses in her brain (one 3 cm and one 1 cm), so the docs ordered an mri. now we are waiting on the mri results (which should come in on monday). as far as the cat scan shows, the radiologist believes that the gamma knife is the best choice (as opposed to wbr), but we have to wait for the mri scans to be sure. my mom was in the hospital for the past three days, and i stayed with her the whole time, but it's so discouraging. :cry: we are praying that she will only have to endure the gamma knife procedure seeing that wbr tends to have higher risks of side effects, and the brain can only take so much radiation. i guess i am getting more frustrated because with this disease it's like taking one step forward and two steps back whenever we have to go in to take tests. as for now, my mom has to take steroids every 6 hours to keep the swelling down, so both of our sleeping schedules have become even more complicated. in the past nine months since my mom's diagnosis, i feel like i have aged from 26 to 96 just due to stress and anxiety. i'm sure many of you are feeling that way too. thanks for letting me rant for a while. i keep all of you in my good thoughts and prayers. God bless.


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MJ, I am sorry to hear that yor mother has to endure everything she is. You are right that this disease is a major stress on everyone it touches, the patient and caregivers and the entire families. I pray that what ever treatment the Drs. come up with works and causes as little side effects as possible.

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