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Feeding Tube?


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My husband is getting a feeding tube put in. Does anyone else have one, or has anyone else had one at any time? Do they ever come out? Is the procedure painful/risky?

He seems in good spirits about this. His oncologist only gave ONE patient in 10 years a feeding tube...and now my husband is the second patient to get one. I would like to think this is a good sign as far as his life expectancy as they wouldn't just give him this if he was going to pass anytime soon, no? Call me optimistic but that is all I have - hope. They want his voice to heal and the regurgitation (sp?) irritation to stop so his throat can heal.

Thank you,

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I work with several individuals with feeding tubes and a friend of ours with throat cancer had to have one during his treatments. It's not anything to worry about. Some use a pump and some gravity (a pole with the bag). It takes a while to get the liquid in. He will have a tube coming out of his tomach with a little cap. They can be pulled out but usually are easily re-inserted. Just need to be careful not to catch it when it's connected to the bag and pull it. He'll do fine and so will you.

Best wishes.

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My sister who lives with me has a feeding tube. (Not the one with cancer) She has had it for over a year and is doing well with it. The feedings are simple to do. She has the gravity one. The procedure to put it in is outpatient and not that bad. Good luck to you. You are both in my prayers.


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Michelle I forgot to add that it is safer for him to have the tube if he is not swallowing properly or reguritating. If he aspirates it is extrememly dangerous and canl lead to aspiration pneumonia. They may have wanted the tube to prevent aspiration.

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Thank you all for the replies. :)

My husband had his endoscopy procedure to insert his feeding tube just this evening at 7:30 pm and he was back in his hospital room at 8:40 pm. They did a twilight sleep, no general anesthesia. He handled it WELL. He was in pain when he woke up and they gave him some pain medication.

I need to learn how to feed him w/this so they will be teaching us in the next day or so. He is probably going to be released Sat., but most likely Sunday I was told.

His pulse ox is only 90 off oxygen, and 95 on oxygen so I am unsure at this point if he will need oxygen here.

The CAT scan showed NO mets to his throat. :) WHEW. The originating tumor in his left lung grew, but he has already had three rounds of chemo and he is too weak for more, so, they doctor put him on Iressa. Does anyone know how much Iressa costs? I heard it is quite expensive. My husband gets SSD, food stamps, and Medicaid spend-down - we pay the first $245.00 worth of medical bills and then Medicaid kicks in and covers the rest for the month. It has been hard on us financially since my husband has been unable to work. We get by though, but GEEESH it is tough. I am not acustomed to living this way as he had a wonderful job prior to his diagnosis and our lives changed from this cancer - all aspects. I work out of my home as I have a small candle company but I want to work full time and do my candles/air fresheners part time but now is not the time to go back to my full time job as I want to be here w/my husband.

Sorry to ramble...just an update.

Thank you all for the support. :)

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Hi Michelle,

Some days are tougher then other but am sure you will be able to do fine helping your husband with the feeding tube.

From what I am reading on your spouse, sounds a lot like what mine went through a few months ago. He couldn't eat because it hurt to bad going down. He lost a lot of weight and i thought he wasn't going to be able to come out of it. the dr offered him a feeding tube and he turned it down. Said he would think about it longer. I knew he would not do that. It took a good three weeks after he finished with radiation for him to start to be able to swallow and he is now doing much much better. Our men can get down but they also are strong minded and can get back on their feet after going thru he........ Take it slow and easy and keep good thoughts. God Bless..



husband Stage IV

nscls dx'd 7/31/02

nsclc surgery left lung removed along with 5 to 7 lymph nodes 9/11/02

radiation and chemo 10/02 - 11/02

radiation 12/02 - 2/03

2/03 meds to brain - 10 whole head radiation treatments

4/03 meds to bone - 10 radiation treatments

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