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my husband's testimony


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My husband wrote this to one of our pastors several weeks after he was diagnosed. I wanted to share this with you all. The Last Chance Texaco

I grew up in the 60’s, and like most Midwesterners of the era, our family loaded up in our first “new” car, which happed to be a light blue 1966 Pontiac Catalina with factory air and real SEAT BELTS which we never used and took the long drive out Route 66 to California. Back in those days, the highways weren’t lined with clean well stocked gas-convenience store-pizza-fried chicken outlets. As you moved west the towns thinned out and what you were left with was the Service Stations. Service Stations sold gas and tires and stale Lance cracker snacks and Coke in small deposit bottles. As you moved into western New Mexico and into the eastern deserts of California even these little squalid oasis became less and less frequent until finally and inevitably one would play their trump card…you’d come onto to a hand painted sign proclaiming GAS-WATER-AIR-PICNIC SUPPLIES AHEAD…LAST CHANCE.


That was in the biggest print. LAST CHANCE. You just had to stop, even if you really didn’t need anything…there it was right there on the sign…it was your LAST CHANCE. Better get out and kick the tires…check the oil…top off the radiator…man you get past that LAST CHANCE station and something goes wrong and you sure will be wishing you stopped and that’s for sure...I mean it was right there on the sign….LAST CHANCE.

A few weeks ago I was diagnosed with cancer, but get this Todd...God placed my feet on a road that led me to accept Jesus Christ into my life and be baptized just before Christmas. Do you see what I’m saying, I made the stop at the Last Chance service station of Life…I accepted Jesus Christ BEFORE the bad news. You can’t imagine how that makes me feel…I stand in absolute awe of my God, My Savior. This is not an accident.

It occurs to me that the church should have a large hand painted sign out front…LAST CHANCE- CANCER AHEAD….LAST CHANCE-HEART DISEASE NEXT 100 MILES…LAST CHANCE…SUDDEN UNEXPECTED DEATH JUST AHEAD. You pass up that sign and something goes wrong and you sure will be sorry and that’s for sure…it could be your LAST CHANCE. There ought to be a sign.

There may not be a sign, but it’s covered in detail in the handy travel guide and roadside gazette otherwise known as The Bible. It’s right there in black and white (and sometimes red). LAST CHANCE…better stop and check things out…make sure you got everything tuned up…make sure you’re square with the man upstairs…you never know when you’re going find yourself in the breakdown lane looking in the rear view mirror. It’s a long walk back.

While we have never spoken, you have had a tremendous influence on my life. You are among a small group of people who through what I truly believe to be a grand and glorious miracle, have led me to my savior. Thank you. Like I said, I’m a new Christian. God is using this experience to teach me about faith, and trust, and love, and so many other things. Please pray for me, that I might grow in our Lord. All part of the miracle. Maybe I’ll write the whole thing down sometime.


Robert Wilson

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That is just beautiful!! He saw and he had already made God (Jesus) one and the same his friend in life and death. He began a personal relationship with God. Isn't it a miracle that we see when we have to? My only wish for myself and others is that we saw as children when we were uninterested in God and thought life was no Fear , we live forever. that God was our saviour? One only has to experience the death of a loved one early in life to think about that. I am 50 and only wish I learned and paid attention to what was really on the plate before us. I can honestly say I only became interested and wanted to know all( which we never will know, until our own dimise) about 5 years ago. I lost so many years but the important thing is..... I DID want to know then and began my personal relationship with God then. I am so blessed to have God in my life. Your husband went to Heaven as he too had God in his life.

God bless you all.


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