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Daddy Started Iressa - how long before side effects?


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It was probably about 3 weeks before John started to have the (you call that a rash) rash. It started gradually with bumps in his hair and then increased. Hopefully your dad won't get the side effects from it.

The B-Complex vitamins are really helping John's skin, so you may want to try that with the Iressa.


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The improvement in my breathing, reduction in mucous production, and the symptoms from the Crohn's-like disease were noticable within a matter of days. Nice side effect, yeah?

The tummy trouble started within a week, but Imodium kept that under control. The skin rash was within 2 weeks (but I was on 500 mg a day). I am keeping all movable body parts crossed that Iressa works it's magic for your Father.

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Earl's rash looked more like alligator skin on his trunk (maybe I should have said elephant skin) than like a rash. Thought it wasn't working because no rash, but onc. said 'Nope, that elephant skin is the Iressa rash'.

Once the big D started, I started Earl on 2 Imodium each morning. Then I gave him 2 more each time he had the big D. The onc. agreed that this was a good approach.

Here's hoping big time this is the magic pill.


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I have been on Iressa for 3 full months now. I only had a small pimple here and there after about 1 month and now after 3 months I have a small rash on my chest. Some places on my skin are dryer than others and I have the big "D" only occassionally. (I should call it the "off and on "D"" :)

Anyway, hoping your dad has minimal side effects and that Iressa does the trick for him.


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