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Has anyone gotten the hiccups, my hubby has had them off and on for a couple of weeks now and they seem to be getting worse also he is having a lot of confusion and that seems to be getting worse. We have to see the oncologist on thursday and I am going to ask if it could be more brain mets and ask for another MRI of the brain. He is on a 60mg of morphine once a day and also decadron 4mg twice a day so I dont know if that is affecting him with the hiccups and confusion or not any info would help till we go to the doctors thursday, he is also having radiation on his spine for 10 minutes a day 5 days a week but the hiccups and confusion started before that. Thank You Charolette

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I, too, seem to get hiccups more often than ever before. Since a hiccup is the result of your diaphragm having a spasm, I believe it's related to chemo-induced nausea, as Don said. Maybe some Compazine? Ativan is used for nausea, too. Check with your doc. Sorry I can't help with the confusion, but steroids (Decadron) can contribute to that.

Hoping for the best for you,


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Hi Charlotte,

My husand gets the hiccups very often after chemo. They will usually last for a few days. He takes decadron for 3 days after the chemo so we don't know if that is causing it or if it is the chemo. We asked the onc and he said it is not a concern. I hope your husbands treatment goes well.


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Charolette, my hubbie suffered with hiccups/spasms for a while and it even prevented him from eating sometimes. He was given pills for it which did help, but made him sleepy. If you do a search on this site under hiccups you will find more information on it too.

Best wishes,


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I seem to get them often too. I have no idea if it was from the chemo in the past or not. I have read they can caused from being overtired, or not enough oxygen. Thorazine is one of the drugs used to get rid of them but it will make you sleepy.

Someone in my small group bible study said she had heard if you say out loud " What color is a white horse." It would get rid of them, well I laughed it off, but I did try it and about 3 out of 4 times it worked. Goofy I know but thought I would pass it on.


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