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Hi ! Registrated the end of August. Have been reading ever since and

have responsed to a few people. Two weeks before my 50th (7-31-03) I

was dx w/ nsclc. Smoked for 35 years. Had lobectomy on right top lobe. Was very early stage III w/ lymph node involvement. Had radiation and chemo and was done all treament by 1-23-04 and was back to work the following week,I had no choice I live alone. That was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I have two married daughters and four wonderful grandchildren. My dad passed of Pancreatic cancer in 99, so Iam not a stranger to cancer.I think I have a positive attitude and that helps, but some days it's sooooo hard. We all wait for the other shoe to drop. The one thing for some reason that makes me laugh

when I'm down is something my four year old grandson said to me the

first time he saw me w/o my wig when my hair was only about a half a

inch long. He looked at me, and titled his head in innocences and said,

Grammy I don't know what you did to your hair, but it don't look so good.

I howled w/ laughter. For some reason it struck my funny bone. So

if your down, maybe you can think of Joseph's (out of the mouths of babes comment), and smile. Good luck to all!!!!!

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Thanks for sharing your story. Your grandson's comments remind me of my son's comments when I tried to warn him that my hair may all fall out. He said "you mean, you are going to be BALD?????" I said "yes, would you like to shave your head and be bald with me?" and he looked at me in horror and said "Nooooooo, I don't want to be BALD!!!" with all the horror his little 6 year old voice could muster up. It was a very funny scene.

Welcome to our family ~ I wish you a long and continuous remission!


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