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I went to the ONC today. I knew I wouldn't be starting chemo today because they found the brain met saturday. The had me scheduled to be admitted to hospital when I left the office to have surgery to remove it, however my insurance refusd to pay it since it was out of network. I was suppose to start a clinical trial there but since I can't they refuse to let me go there. Now I have an appt tomorrow in net work, but have probably delayed y surgery by a day or more. Also I cannot start chemo til after the brain surgery. All I want to do is get rid of this S**T but i have to keep waiting. However I am plotting on how to get back at my insurance company

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this is what my moms onc. office did just this week to get her insurance co. to pay for some tests.

she called for approval of an MRI to follow up to see if full head radiation shrunk 3 brain mets. Ins . co wanted to know why she needed one so soon after last one (6 weeks ago) moms onc. secretary said well its spreading now to bones and spinal cord.

I freaked until the doctor came in the chemo room and told me personally thats a trick they use to get ins. co to approve quickly. she doesn't have bone or spinal cord mets. just brain ones and hopefully they are gone from the radiation.

ps. we were also told after full head radiation the Blood Brain Barrier is breached and chemo can now get into the brain to help fight the tumors. Good side chemo kicks *ss, bad side chemo brain and she is confused and tired.

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Have you looked into Gama Knife for the brain met or are the planning to excise the brain tumor? Gamma Knife is very effective and not so invasive. My sister had it and her treated brain mets have shrunk substantially.

Keeping the Faith,


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