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You're right, Bruce. We also still haven't heard from Carleen, and I put out an APB for Addie the other day and no response. She hasn't posted now for two weeks, and she is a daily poster. I'm worried that she may be having trouble with her treatments. Ry, do you have phone numbers? What do you think about a call to these gals?


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Ginny -

Cat posted a few days ago in the thread "what has happened to our Florida folks?" (or something like that!) that she's staying at her daughter's house here in the Atlanta area until the 17th due to the storm damage at our house. I'm still hoping she'll call me so I can kidnap her, as her daughter is working all the time so she's not able to get out much.


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After 3 weeks of absence, I finally heard from Addie today. She is doing fine. In fact, she has just finished treatment and got through it just fine and has even been playing some golf. She is just staying off the board for a variety of reasons. I was very happy to know that she is not only doing well, but feels great! She will get new scans in a few weeks.

Amy posted the other day and, as you know, is taking a "get-my-house-in-order" break. Carleen posted also a couple of days ago, as did Cat.

Love to all,


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