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distant metatasis

Laura Ann

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Most likely someone who has written it in their med bio will chime in but in the meantime. In my search to understand how staging is set I read that the distance of the metastasis is a criteria for such.. I think it is nothing more than the distance and that would be a relative thing. Since I’m here, I also read that the further from the primary the more negative the staging. No distant mets would be a good thing, if.


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Yes as Karen said, it means no mets outside of one lobe. So any metastasis outside of one lobe (to another lobe in the lung, or brain, liver, bone, adrenal) means there is distant metastasis

I actually thought that is was still M0 if in another lobe on the same side until I looked it up again.

I thought surgery could be done in this case, but I guess I am wrong.

Learn something new every day

If you look at TNM staging.

T is for tumor size

N is for lymph node involvement

M is for distant metastasis

M0 - no distant metastasis

M1 - Distant metastasis


BAC is a cancer that sometimes stays in the lungs. If you have metastasis to another lobe without lymph node involvement "Skip metastaisi" then it may be BAC and that means Iressa or Tarceva/Herceptin may work

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