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My husband had a rash with Iressa within a week or two after he started it, but it did go away. It was pretty harsh and it was in the area on his shoulder where he received radiation, plus milder on his face and neck. He still has a very, very mild rash that comes and goes, but it is so mild you have to look for it to even see it. I don't think he even uses any lotion on it anymore.

Hope that helps.


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I developed a rash about a month into taking Iressa. My doctor, who has been involved with Iressa from the very beginning, said that that was usual and that it would probably decrease from that point, which it did, and would probably wax and wane for the duration of being on the drug, which it did. Sounds like it could be very normal.


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I've been on Iressa since May and really wouldn't call what I have a "rash". Just a pimple that shows up every now and then, then goes away. Probably the same reaction your dad is getting. It just hits some worse than others. Hopefully, this will continue for your dad.


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My father just started on Iressa - he was told ahead of time that skin irritation was a common side effect. When he mentioned to his doctor that he had some rash starting, she exclaimed "Good!". Evidently, there is a correlation between the rash and the effectiveness of the treatment - the more rash, the better for some people.

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