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Update on my Mom


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Hi All:

Sorry I have not been very active with posting, but these last 2 weeks have just been a blur. To all the new people, welcome, and you will all be in my prayers!

Here's the scoop on my Mom. We had been after the doctors to speed things up, but alas, Mom had to get sicker before they would get up and take notice. Anyway, she went into seizures one night and we rushed her to the hospital. The idiot doctor there had us believing that the Cancer had spread to her brain and that we were ging to lose her that night, so anyway after a scary ambulance ride to the city, it was confirmed that her electrolytes had bottomed out and that was why she had the siezures.

To make a long story short, she has been quite sick these past two weeks and she has only just began to regain strength etc. It was confirmed that she has SCLC in her left lung (4.5 cm tumour), with some lymph node involement. She had her first round of chemo this past 2 weeks as well, Platinol AQ and Vepesid, 3 days per 21 day cycle. She will have 2 more rounds of chemo then she will have radiation.

Her new onc. is wonderful, very caring, told us that the nightmare of a surgeon had no business telling her her that sad prognosis as he did not agree. He said that he will do everything in his power for her. The Cross Cancer Centre where she is being treated is awesome. They are all so caring and take awesome care of their patients.

Fast forward to tady, Mom is home now, slowly regaining strength and says she feels better than she has in a while. Her chemo was hard and we have to watch that her electrolytes etc. stay up, but overall she is doing alright.

Now for a quick question all you awesome folks, does anyone know any long term survivors from SCLC? Appreciate responses, love and prayers for all. Even if I do not post all the time, I lurk and pray for you all.

God Blees,


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Hi Deb,

I want to welcome you, I must have missed your earlier posts, but I was not feeling well. I hope your Mom does really well, I am sorry you have to be here, but it is a great place to be. Cindy RN who was DX with Extensive stage SCLC is at 3 years and I have heard of several others who are at 5 yrs or more. SCLC is a scary disease, but some survive it so why not your Mom! Good luck!



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Hey Deb.

I'm glad your mother is home and doing better. Hope all continues to go well. I don't know if they had the various classifications for the types of cancer way back when, but they didn't give me one. All I know was I had a carcinoid polyp. A tip on how you might research diagnosis dates from members of this board; go to the SCLC forum, click on a person's name so it takes you to their profile, then click on "show all posts", and go to their very first few posts in which they introduce themselves and tell a little obout their circumstances - what type of cancer, and when they were diagnosed. Might help. Take care.

David P.

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