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Stupid Question


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Your post says 6:29pm. I' m so confused. Does anyone out there have

a answer for us? Hopefully it's not cemo brain.

I just noticed at the bottom where you submit post is says GMT 6 hrs.

What does that mean?

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There's a place in your Profile where you choose timezone. I'm in the Eastern time zone, and in the little block on my profile, it says GMT - 4 hrs, and I THINK it's posting the correct time for my messages. (At least on my end it is.) Don't know how I got it right . . . lucky guess, probably.


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Thanks Teetaa,

Is Georgia a hour behind Pennsylvania? I have wanted to post to you.

I have a niece w/ the nick name Teta. Here real name is Melissa, but

that's how the little kids pronounced it and it stuck. Thanks and take care.

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