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Cyberknife Surgery ?

Guest DeeHee

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Guest DeeHee

A new doctor at the University Cancer Center mentioned it as a possibility depending on how some new testing turns out. Ever have it? Know anything about it? Recovery time?


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Hi DeeHee!

You've been on my mind my friend!!! I have to ask you a silly question. Could you maybe explain a little clearer to what it is you need to know?

Where are they talking about doing the Cyberknife Surgery? Maybe give us a better picture of what is going on if you would please? Thank you my dear! I hope you liked Dr. Dudek? He's a very good Onc. Doctor! Your in GOOD HANDS!

Love & Hugs,


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I have a friend with nsclc and she had the cyberknife procedure. Based on what she told me, there is no use of the metal head frame with this procedure, as I think there might be with gamma knife. She lives in Minnesota too...but I have no idea where she was treated.

I DO know that she is doing quite well...and in fact recently flew from Minnesota to Massachusetts to visit her daughter and then drove to Connecticut!!

Far as any other differences, I don't have a clue...but my friend was very happy not to have had to have the metal frame attached to her head with the cyber knife procedure.

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