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Medicare and insurance question


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My mom just called and said that she has to wait 2 YEARS before she can qualify for Medicare/Medicaid. Is this correct? It sounds like an awful long time to have to wait.

I was talking to my ins. company about putting her under my insurance plan, but won't hear back from them until Monday.

Has anyone ever put their parent on their insurance plan? Is it even possible?

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Hi Marlon,

I considered putting my mom on my healthcare too, so I had asked my human resource manager a couple of weeks ago. She mentioned that I could have my mom on my insurance plan IF my mom was dependant and living with me. I'm in California so it may differ in your state. I would definitely ask your human resource manager at work or your insurance representative. You might just be able to add her on! I wish you the best of luck!

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Guest Karen L

Hi Marlon

Unfortunately you have to be disabled by govt standards for 2 yrs before you qualify for Medicare. Medicaid is State specific and it varies but is income/asset qualifying. Your mother must be a dependent of yours for most insurance policies. (ie you declare her on your income taxes)

How is she doing?


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