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  1. CharlieD

    My Guy

    AWSOME KASEY!!!!!! You go girl. CharlieD
  2. Don and Lucie, God Bless You. God Bless You Both. Such great news from such great people. I'll definitely have one on that. CharlieD
  3. Carleen, So sorry for your loss. God Bless. CharlieD
  4. All right Jimben. Fantastic news!!!! CharlieD
  5. CharlieD


    Tracy, Great news!!!!! Your'e never alone here. Stable is fantastic. God Bless. CharlieD
  6. Hi Shirley, Sorry to hear about your father but glad you found us. It sounds extremely strange that your ONC would give up after two Chemo Regimens. Check some of our Bios and you will find many of us have survived years with several Chemos, radiation and new procedures. You didn't mention where you are located, but you must be relatively close to a National Cancer Institute.They are the experts and until you get their opinion, you won't know what is out there. They are extremely helpful. ONCs comein many forms, but the experts are at NCCs. Good luck and God Bless. CharlieD
  7. CharlieD

    TAnn at Peace

    Don, My heart breaks as I read your post. What a classy lady. The Kingdom of Heaven is certainly a better place today after receiving Teri. God Bless and comfort Al and his family. CharlieD
  8. Sue, God Bless you my friend. May you find comfort. CharlieD
  9. Kathleen, Wow, sounds so familiar. I just finished Brain Radiation a week ago and had the same condition as your Mother. I am also on Dexamethisone, 2Mg X 4 initially and cut back now to 2 Mg. They wanted to keep it as low possible, but I took it on myself to raise it to prevent brain swelling. I'm still exttremely fatigued hoping it will let up soon. I don't think I had it as bad as your Mother. but it wasn't fun. How is she doing now? Keep me advised and I'll do the same. God Bless, CharlieD
  10. Carleen, God Bless you for being so strong and dedicated. May your prayers be answered. CharlieD
  11. Don and Lucie, Thanks for the update. God Bless and comfort her and her family. CharlieD
  12. Laurel, Really sorry to hear about your Mother. Many of us have been where she is now and dealing with it is really difficult at times. My original diagnosis was almost identical to hers and that was over two years ago. My fluid was drained and never came back due to the Chemo treatments. Did you get a 2nd opinion on whether she should have Chemo. I would suggest a National Cancer Institute which should be relatively close. They are the experts. There is always hope and if there is any out there, they'll know. Hoping and praying for you and Mother, as you deal with this beast. We're
  13. Thanks for the update Don. TAnn we are all praying and hoping for better news. God Bless you my friend and keep your chin up. CharlieD
  14. Hi Don. Biafine was given by the Radiation Folks and has really worked well on the ole bald head. Just a little itchiness. Through 10 of 15 WBR. Good luck with it. CharlieD
  15. Hi Pat, Welcome to the site. Sorry you had to find us but glad you did. I have to make it unanimous for a second opinion. You didn't mention your location but you must be in reasonable range of a National Cancer Institute. These people see nothing but cancer patients and believe me, they'll know if it is cancer. I applaud you for wanting to take care of it quickly, but haste can make waste. Just go to the Google Site and type in "NationalCancerInstitutes" and a map will show you where they are located. Click on the closest one and it will give you all kinds of contact info. I did over
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