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  1. Hi everyone So far so good. Dirma I was just wondering how your husband's scans were coming along. I too got wrapped up in the election talk about a delayed response but congratulations
  2. Thank God and thank you Tom for taking the time to explain. Honestly thought they leave you to read this in a report ugh. Why not just simply mention it so people like myself don't panic. Hope all is well with you, take care
  3. Hello Everyone I hope everyone is doing well. I have a question or as my Son would say ridial me this. Last night I finally received the written results of my CT scan that I am so happy about and am still are when I came across the following: 0.2cm hypodense lesion segment 2, unchanged (3:26). When I googled this it read that I had a lesion on my liver. What exactly is a lesion and is this something to be considered about? I'm asking you guys rather than my Doctor given he couldn't be bothered to mention this to me at all. Good grief
  4. Thank you everyone! Dirma that is wonderful news I am so happy for you guys! It makes everything seem more promising to hear good news from others. Keep going strong ?
  5. Hello everyone, sorry for not posting sooner I have just been overwhelmed with joy and happiness! Walking into my first scan last Friday after completing only three rounds of treatment I was hoping at best for stability to be able to remain in the trial. Well needless to say my Doctor could barely maintain his composure as he spun the computer around showing a 50% reduction in a 6 cm tumor in my right lung and the smaller one was completely gone. Even the tumor in my L2 vertebrae shows significant signs of improvement. Based on the fact the my Doctor heads up the trial at Dana Farber I honesty couldn't tell you who was more excited! My thoughts and prayers are with everyone undergoing some form of treatment on this site I'm also excited and very fortunate to be apart of cutting edge technology to not only help myself but others as well. Good luck Martin I'm pulling for you!
  6. Thank you guys. Tom I too don't have the greatest health insurance I guess I should have been more selective had I known. Martin thank you for the heads up on not to expect to much. I'm just hoping at the very least I'm stable so I can stay on the trial. I have had minor side effects and would love to keep it that way. Keeping all of you in my thoughts thank you ?
  7. Thank you Ruthie. Hoping for the best or at the very least stable. Just wondering how often do people typically get a PET scan during treatment to ensure the cancer has not spread?
  8. Hello Everyone Well here we go Friday is the big day my first CT scan since I have started this trial. I am so nervous, worried like crazy this isn't the correct treatment for me. Don't get me wrong I love being on this trial due to the limited side effects I am just concerned about this not working for me and all the time wasted ugh. Friday can't come soon enough. Can you tell this is the first treatment and scan I have received since I was diagnosed as a stage 4 in July. Just nervous and rambling.
  9. Hello Ruthie People like you are the reason I searched out a site like this. It's very difficult for me to respond seeing most of the time I am doing this on my phone. My pity party's consist of laying in bed for days at a time, which in turn upset me more because I am wasting precious time. I can't seem to get a grip around this yet. Thank you for your response it does help to know I'm not the only one and that I too will get thru this. Wishing you great things in life. Take care
  10. Hi Martin I hope things are going well for you. As I sit here at Dana waiting for my second treatment it made me wonder how you made out in the screening process. Hope everything went good please update when you have a moment. Best wishes
  11. Hi everyone I really promise to work on learning this blog lol. Well anyhow July 23rd was the big day for me I started the trial. So far so go with side effects just alittle dizziness and a slight new cough. Oh and alittle more sleep than normal but that could be all in my head. Hope everyone is doing great. And good luck with the screening Martin
  12. Hello Martin I'm glad to know there is someone else out there who has heard of this particular clinical trial. I am nervous yet excited all at once. Nervous that I may have wasted precious time if my body does not respond like the more conventional treatments yet excited that if the results are heading in a positive direction I can live without all the nasty side effects. Please do let me know if this is the course of treatment you have chosen. Best wishes in your fight.
  13. Wow I have been on this site for 5 days straight. I didn't think it was possible to get so much insight and read so many encouraging stories. Tom Galli you are all over the map! I must say a job well done . Well only one more week of clinical trial testing and I am finally starting down the road of treatment! Not to bad after waiting 3 months. But that story is for another day lol take care everyone
  14. Hello everyone. I am about to begin a clinical trail with the use of Nivolumab along with the introduction of Ipilimumab. I have Stage 4 adenocarcinoma which has spread to my bones and brain. Does anyone have any input on this trial?
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