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  1. Thinking of you.....its so very hard. I love the picture of you Mom NancyT
  2. NancyT

    The Gift

    Thats a wonderful gift Don NancyT
  3. Oh Randy, I am so sorry to hear about DaisyDawg.......heartbroken for you. Thinking of you NancyT
  4. I had gone into the dentist for an emergency Root Canel when I got the call to hurry home. My Dad waited for me, I was able to hold his hand as he left this earth. I will be eternaly grateful for that moment. Today......I was back at the dentist and didnt expect that he would tell me I needed another Root Canel. As I sat there, I realized I was there at the exact same time last year. To get my mind off all this, I picked up a magazine. The article I opened to was " Selling Dads House". I could hardly believe it. I just sold my Dads house.......it was a long sad journey. I really felt my Dad was right there with me...... NancyT
  5. NancyT

    Dad's Passing

    Jennifer, SO very sorry to hear of your Dads passing. Sending peace and comfort your your family NancyT
  6. Melinda, I think of you often, sending comfort and prayers as you walk thru these difficult days NancyT
  7. I am so very sorry Max. Sending prayers to you and your family NancyT
  8. Wow Nick! That is GREAT! NancyT
  9. I am so very sorry, sending prayers.... Nancy T
  10. Marco Jo, I am so sorry about the loss of your sister. Sending peace and comfort to you and your family NancyT
  11. Such a beautiful letter Heather. Thank you for sharing it with all of us NancyT
  12. So sorry Randy Take good care of yourself NancyT
  13. Dear Grace, So very sorry to read this, sending prayers and comfort NancyT
  14. Jackie, So very sorry for the loss of your mom...sending comfort and prayers to you and your family NancyT
  15. Betty, So sorry for the loss of your sister. Sending prayers and comfort to you and your family NancyT
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