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  1. That's just wonderful!! Best wishes and many years of happiness to all!! Lynda
  2. tatlyn

    Call from Dr.

    Great News!! Lynda
  3. Oh, Tracy, I'm so happy to read your good news!! You go girl!! Lynda
  4. tatlyn

    That time of year

    Pat, my heart hurts for the pain that you feel. Much Love ((((HUGS))) Lynda
  5. I am so very sorry for your loss Chris. My deepest condolences to all of your family. Lynda
  6. Thank you for your kind words of support, comfort and prayers. I so appreciate it. You are all awesome and I send each and everyone of you my love. My Dad and my Mom will be interred this Friday. Together again for all of eternity. Wishing you all peaceful hearts, Lynda
  7. 11 months to the day after his cancer was first detected, Dad took his last breath and his time here on earth was ended. Throughout his illness, barely a word of complaint was spoken by him. I am in awe of how he lived those months and so very sad that he had to endure what he did. I will miss him terribly but I am also thankful that I was able to care for him and be there with him throughout. Lynda
  8. Dear Jen, I know where you are coming from, I'm there as well. I just can't muster the strength anymore to hit the reply button and just typing those words brought tears to my eyes. The thought that runs most often through my mind lately, other than thoughts cancer related is that I am simply exhausted. I think you mentioned, *overwhelmed*, yep, lots of that here to Your post brought me to action Jen, I'm going to send a post for the first time in a while. God Bless you Jen and God Bless everyone else who has the need to be here or the need to be away. Much Love, Lynda
  9. tatlyn

    Lucie Fly Wood

    My heart is heavy at the passing of your dear, sweet Lucie. Words would not express the sadness I feel today. God Bless you and yours, Don. Peace and comfort. Lynda
  10. Dear Lori, I'm so very sorry. What a truly spectacular daughter you were and are for your sweet mama. May she rest in peace, she'll be forever strong and feisty as she was on this earth. (((Lori))) Lynda
  11. Yipee, Yipee, Yipee I just about broke my wrist, wrangling with the mouse, when I saw that you had posted in the Good News Forum. You've made my day!! Way to go Lucie!! Much Love and continued prayers, Lynda
  12. I think of Lucie and you, Don, often. You are both such shining examples of "true grit" and "grace under fire". Continued prayers and best wishes. Lynda
  13. I'm so sorry for all that your Dad is going through. I can't comment on the medication because it does seem to be quite a high doseage and yet still no relief Prayers that the radiation will do the trick and quickly. My Dad had 5 treatments on two areas a while ago and the result was swift and dramatic. As to nutrition, is your Dad taking any type of appetite booster? My Dad has been on Megace for a few weeks and it has picked his appetite up really well. Carnation Breakfast drinks are also very good...300 calories per drink and packed with a big percentage of the recommended daily nutrient values. 2 of these drinks a day plus several small snacks; jello, puddings, ice cream, oatmeal, granola bars, scrambled eggs...can provide enough calories in a day to at least maintain current weight. All the best to you. Lynda
  14. Marginally better, that's good!! So many prayers going out for dear, sweet Lucie and for all of your family, Don. Please Lord, guide the Doctors and Nurses in Lucie's care. Keep her safe and well and return her to her loving family, stronger, yet again, for enduring this additional battle. Much Love, Lynda
  15. My Dad started taking the pill form, 3x day just a week ago, and I've got to say that it's working wonders for his appetite and he's already gained 2 pounds back. My Dad doesn't take a lot of medications well but so far at least, there's been no negative effects with the Megace. Lynda
  16. hmmm, if the aide is keeping SF out of your hair, she probably deserves a raise You keep plugging on Lori, you're doing wonderfully, and God knows it ain't easy. Much Love, many prayers continuing for Mom and you. Lynda
  17. We are here to help lift you up Grace and I know that so many prayers are coming your way. One day at a time, one minute at time if need be, focus on now and hold hope close. Many prayers for strengh, comfort and peace. (((Grace))) Lynda
  18. (((Lori))). It sounds as though things are calmer this evening, I'm glad. You just keep going with your instincts on what's best for your Mom because it always comes from love with you and with that, you won't go wrong. Let SF's words go in one ear and out the other. I tossed my Dad's Lorazepam (Ativan) down the toilet several weeks ago. It was originally prescribed to help him sleep but what it did instead was dope him up so throughly that he couldn't get out of bed. It also had the effect with him, for some reason, that it magnified his pain and made him depressed - go figure. Peace and Love, Lynda
  19. I just saw this commercial on T.V. and thought, "Wow", if only a lung cancer organization had thought of this first. Very powerful. A woman is on screen, alone, speaking and says, "every year my sister had a mammogram. She started going when she was 40 years old. She was diligent about it, never skipped a year, she knew how important it was. My sister died last summer, she was 47 years old. She died of heart disease." The commercial continues on to say that heart disease is the number one killer of women. The ad was for a web site, smartstart.com
  20. Lori, you mentioned in a recent post that meds were resumed, on Saturday? I know with my Dad, I'm always watching for *cause and effect* reactions. We've tossed medication because we've found it was doing him more harm then good. If your Mom is back on the same meds and dosages as she was prescribed just days before it seemed she was shutting down, I would be watching to see if she develops any of the same responses. I'm certainly no expert, but I don't know how Hospice or anyone could say that your Mom was, "neurologically" gone, unless some sort of brain scan was performed to test brain function? I've also always heard that a dying person might suddenly have a *burst* of energy in the last days of their life but what you describe with your Mom seems completely extraordinary. Is Hospice monoriting vital statistics and the like? This ride truly is like being on a roller coaster and despite all the ups and downs, it ain't over 'til it's over. Keeping your Mom in my prayers. Lynda
  21. Great, great news, Lori. Thanks for the update. Glad Mom finally got some sleep though
  22. (((Melinda))). Many prayers for peace and comfort. Lynda
  23. She is truly a strong, determined woman...I can see where you get it from, Lori God Bless her heart!! Many prayers, much love. Lynda
  24. Wishing you peace and comfort. Much Love, Lynda
  25. I'm so very sorry Lori. My heart is breaking for the anguish you feel. (((Hugs))). Your Mom's unresponsiveness does seem to coincide with the medication increase. Do you think she has more time Lori? Since you question if she might be overmedicated, could the hospice people perhaps cut back a bit, or maybe even change the medications, see if the pain might be controlled with a lesser amount or different drugs that would also allow her to be more alert? Just as a side note, we've recently began working with a symptom management nurse and the first thing she did was change my Dad's meds from the Oxycontin/percocet combination, which were no longer effective for him and which the nurse, in any case, just doesn't like for a number of reasons, to hydromorp contin and dilaudid for breakthrough. These meds quickly got the pain back under control and although they are much stronger drugs, my Dad tolerates them much better. He said yesterday that he has saliva in his mouth for the first time in months. I will keep your Mom, you and your family in my prayers. God Bless. Lynda
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