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Sister still in the hospital


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It has been eight days since my sister was admitted. She is holding her own which is good. They are still trying to control her pain. I'm not sure how I want to word this but here goes. What is up with hospitals today? The care leaves much to be desired. She is on a pain patch which was supposed to be changed this morning. I stopped by to see her with my husband and two kids for a quick hello. Another sister was in there at the time. Charlotte was obviously in pain. In addition to the patch she is also on a pain pump. The general consensus was that Charlotte was not pushing the pain button enough. Duh, did anyone change her patch? Her family has had to ask and ask again; plus keep track. Its a chore just to get something simple like preparation H. That took a full day. Charlotte was not eating anything. We had to call the Onc for megace and a vitamin drip. I noticed after she took the megace that she was wiping her tounge. I took one look at her mouth and knew she had thresh mouth. She said she's had it since her first chemo in Febuary. All the doctors and nurses who have looked into her mouth have never seen this? I realize that Charlotee is the type to suck it up, yada yada yada but come on. I guess the health care profession is just overloaded. If anyone has any information on Hospice, please share it with me. My goal is to get my sister out of the hospital and into a more comfortable situation.

Keeping the Faith,


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I have really never responded to your posts before, for some reason they make me horribly sad. Your sister is quite a woman.

Hospitals, most are understaffed and undercaring for what I hear. We have been very lucky, all three hospitals my husband was in gave him excellent care in a timely manner.

However, I was there constantly and was not afraid to go out and find a nurse and be DEMANDING. Every patient needs an advocate. I questioned everything they did, not because I knew the answers but because I wanted them to think twice about what they were doing.

I have heard nothing but GOOD about hospice and most doctors will prescribe whatever hospice requests. They are also very helpful to the family.

I wish you well and peace.

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Dear Mary,

The following website has a lot of Hospice information:


My only experience with Hospice was in 1998 when my Father was dying of colon cancer. The doctor ordered Hospice and Mother and Dad's insurance paid for it. Dad passed away at home. The Hospice caregivers were wonderful to Dad, Mother and my family. I cannot praise them enough.

I am thinking of your sister and you and remembering you both in my prayers.


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Like Ada, I have only heard wonderful things about hospice. I know what you mean about hospital care. There is one hospital here where my father received excellent care, but before that we had the same type of experiences you described. We had to make sure one of us was at the hospital at all times to make sure my father was okay.

Praying for you every night.

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