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Two of my Favorite LCSC Jokesters Go Hunting


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Two dumb :P men go hunting. Soon they get separated and, as often happens, one mistakes the other for a deer and shoots him.

After much effort he drags his buddy from the woods, throws him in the 4x4 and takes him to the nearest hospital.

"Will he be all right?" the worried hunter asks the doctor.

"It's hard to say," says the doctor. "But it would have been better if you hadn't gutted and skinned him."

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Reminds me of a long time ago( 1965 or thereabouts)I was archery hunting out of town with 3 friends?? when late at nite I got severe chest pains.My pals?? threw me in bed of pickup truck and drove around for hours looking for a Dr.Finally found one,he asked me if I had been drinking a lot of beer & I said yes.He told me I had a pocket of gas between my lungs & every time I w/breath it hurt like he%$.Toold me to go to store in morning & get antacids,he couldn't give me prescription.As we were walking away down the sjdewalk I turned around and looked back and saw a sign above the steps. HE WAS A VETENARIAN.My buddies?? had taken me to a VET.

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