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Help to quit smoking please

Guest DeeHee

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Any info about new methods/medicines?

Seems like I heard of a new product that you use that gives the instant relief when you want to smoke. Anyone know about it?

I've got it down to 7-8 cigarettes a day (after a 47-yr habit of 20+/day), but still very dependent on a few puffs every couple of hours. I've tried all the stuff.........pills, patches, hypnosis, logic, willpower, etc. and nothing is helping. I only smoke in the unheated garage now, and do everything to make it awkward and uncomfortable.

I don't need any lectures because I know how awful it is and I already beat myself up about it, and although I appreciate your prayers, that hasn't worked yet either.


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Hey Dee,

How about DUCK TAPE????? :P:P:roll::wink::wink: (kidding)

Just teasing you! I support you 120% on your effort to quit. I wish I had a magical drug or wand that would help you out.

I guess for me, when they yanked my left lung out 9+ years ago, that was pretty much the wake up call I had to have! :shock::roll: But, I did try everything prior to that.

How about everytime you want a puff or two, you sit down at the puter here, and write to us on the Board? We have to keep our fingers busy!

Sending you positive vibes that one day you'll be able to beat the habit.

It's not easy, but it is doable! Hang tough my dear!

Love & Hugs,


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Ah, Dee.....would that it was easy, huh? :wink:

The only thing you didn't mention trying was Zyban, which is actually an antidepressant...but it helps some people to quit. Didn't work for me as I'm reactive to antidepressants.....I turn into Sybil! :? They actually depress the holy %#$@ out of me!! :roll:

But...FEAR worked for me as the incentive to quit....and I was puffing away at 2.5 packs a day with 40 years of smoking behind me, so I can appreciate the difficulty.

I quit the day of my biopsy...and that helped a lot, I think. I didn't have a dx yet, but was pretty sure it was cancer of some kind....so the surgery AND my fear did the trick for me. I got thru the first week, and from there on out it was a LOT less difficult than I thought it would be.

I still think about smoking sometimes....still miss the "comforts" of smoking...but know I can never puff even ONE again....or I'll be back at it. Usually when I think about it...or get an urge...it passes pretty quickly...and I just keep telling myself, "You cannot ever smoke again!!" and that sort of puts the end statement on things for me!

FWIW, continuing to smoke doesn't do us any good in terms of the risks of getting cancer again. I mean, for many of us....smoking is a large part of what "got us into this mess" in the first place. So....I keep saying to myself that aside from no longer having yellow walls and windows, I'm doing my lungs a favor by not smoking AND I've cut my risk of getting another cancer.

Whatever it takes, Dee....make the effort for yourself. And I do applaud you for getting down to just a few a day and staying with that. See....I knew I could never do that. Next thing you know, I'd be back up to 2.5 packs daily!!

Don't beat up on yourself...but really, logically....if you could reduce from a pack a day down to 7-8....then you probably could reduce that down to say.....4-5 a day. Then cut to 2-3.....and finally, cut them out altogether.....if you really pushed yourself to do it, huh? :wink:

Keep telling yourself that it's for your own good...because it is. And reward yourself for your efforts too!! Think of the money you'll save...and put that $$ aside and buy something you really want! You'll have earned it AND have saved money by not smoking!!

Believe me, if I could quit after 40 years (and only once, in all that time did I FULLY quit smoking...and it only lasted for 10 days!)....then I figure anyone can.

Good luck....I'm pullin' for you to be able to give them up totally!

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I used an unusual tactic myself. It is truely up to the person wanting to quit. If you are quiting for everyone else, it wont happen. You have to completely and totally want to quit yourself.

3 years ago, I went to the local convenience store and spent top dollar for a carton of cigarettes. Went outside the store and immediately through the carton into the dumpster and then everytime I wanted a cigarette I was reminded that I just through $35.00 away already and this made it easier for me. It was hard for me mentally to go buy some more cigs after just tossing the 35 bucks into the trash.

Often days / events come up that makes me want take that leap back into the realm of smoking (especially when I am having a cold guiness) but I wont with knowing what I know now.


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Gosh Rick, I am glad you weren't in NY---I think we are up to about $70.00 a carton--I think I would have had second thoughts and jumped in the dumpster for that amount of money!!


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where do you NOTsmoke

when you get the urge go there

for me it was my bed

when i would get the urge i would go sit on my bed untill the urge went away

change brands to another you really dont like for example if you smoke regulars buy menthol'

start rolling your own

while rolling think about all the reason why you really dont want the cig

by the time your done you may not smoke it

just a few suggestions

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